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TeSik Decking is a 100% Namibian manufacturing entity founded in March 2014 by Namibian Empowerment Beneficiaries. The organisation is involved in manufacturing, supplying and installing innovative precast products. Our products offer:

  • Enhanced Quality;

  • Quicker Construction;

  • Reduced Construction Cost;

  • Design & Construction Peace of mind;

  • Green Building Impact;

  • Recognized by all banking institutions(FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Bank Windhoek etc); and 

  • An SABS approved approach that has been tried and tested for +30 years.


The organisation is registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the Namibian Manufacturing Association (NMA) and the Namibian Chamber of Commerce Institute (NCCI).


Our mission is to improve the community that we operate in by offering superior innovative products and services in the construction industry at competitive prices.


Our vision is to become Namibian industry leaders of innovative and cost effective building solutions.

Precast Columns
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We manufacture standard 220 x 220 precast concrete columns that act as a permanent shutter, can be installed in under 20 minutes.

Precast Staircases
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A modular staircase with no measurement constraints and able to fit many shapes (except round ones) and landings.

Precast Vibrecrete Fencing
Vibrecrete Fence.jpeg

We manufacture various sizes of vibrecrete fencing ranging from 1.2m – 3.0m high boundary walls for residential and institutional premises such as schools.

Permanent Shutter Slabs (Lightweight Steel)
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In order to remain competitive and offer its Client’s an alternative soffit finish that doesn’t require plastering, TeSik Decking has developed the LWS slab for large scale developments. This system competes directly with Bond-Lok and WV Slab on all fronts.

Cobble Stone

Add value to your property by selecting our premium range of TeSik cobblestones pavers manufactured in various colours—suitable for driveways, walkways and gardens.

Precast Slabs
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The Precast Slabs consist of  beams, zig-zag steel reinforcement, precast panels and Polystyrene blocks which vary in size to suit the design. The design can be carried out by any competent Structural Engineer.

Precast Beams
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Tested for sheer strength and bending moment capacity, the TeSik beams minimise shuttering and carpentry for supporting, roof and foundation beams.

Precast Palisade Fencing
Palisade Fence.jpeg

We manufacture 2.4m high concrete palisade fencing which provides high level of security and visibility (inside & outside). Concrete palisade fencing is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional premises.

Prestressed Lintels

We manufacture standard grooved prestressed lintels ranging from 0.8m to 3m. 



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