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TeSik Group has a deep involvement in the infrastructure advisory and consultancy space through two (2) industry leading companies namely, RCE Consultants Namibia (Pty) Ltd and AIJ Consulting Engineers & Infrastructure Managers. TeSik Group holds a controlling stake in both these entities that have experience and expertise that span through all stages of the project life cycle, fusing commercial awareness, technical know-how and instinctive people skills.


AIJ Consulting Engineers & Infrastructure Managers (AIJCEIM) is a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm, registered in Namibia with HQ in Windhoek and a presence in the Republic of South Africa.  AIJCEIM specialises in planning, design and management of municipal and rural infrastructure, buildings, railway, port and associated consulting engineering projects.

AIJCEIM’s built environment Infrastructure Management expertise also encompasses Development & Project Management. AIJCEIM aims at growing its Client base in Namibia, the SADC region and greater African territory. AIJCEIM, is affiliated to AIJ Project Cost Consultants (AIJPCC) which was established in 2009, which has a distinguished + eleven (11) year history of infrastructure excellence in Namibia with completed projects in excess of N$ 12 billion to date.  AIJCEIM is also affiliated to RCE Consultants Namibia (Pty) Ltd.

AIJ CEIM LOGO(1)-01.jpeg

No. 3, c/o Feld & Thorer Street, Windhoek, Namibia

+264 61 308 106

P.O Box 20261



No. 3, c/o Feld & Thorer Street, Windhoek, Namibia

+264 81 337 4059

P.O Box 25781


RCE Consultants is a consulting engineering company, registered in Namibia with headquarters in Windhoek. RCE Ltd is affiliated with RCE Consultants (Pty) Ltd (SA), which was established in 2005, and has an extensive portfolio of completed railway and civil engineering projects. Specialising in planning, design and project management of railway, port and associated consulting engineering projects, RCE aims at growing its Client base in Namibia and environs.


Our target market comprises freight and passenger railways, mining companies, bulk material transporters, power stations and port authorities. Specialist services to industries such as minerals and metals, materials handling and manufacturing, supply chain logistics and property developers, also form part of our marketing drive. RCE has a dedicated team of specialists in planning, design and project management of railway, port and civil engineering projects as well as support staff. Specialists sourced from long-standing strategic partners supplement our core expertise as and when required.

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